Rationalising Regulation: Helping the economy recover from the corona crisis

Adept Economics Director Gene Tunny and Research Officer Ben Scott wrote Rationalising Regulation: Helping the economy recover from the corona crisis which was published by the Centre for Independent Studies on 24 September. The paper investigates regulatory barriers across the Australian economy and then delves more deeply into industry-specific regulatory issues pertaining to the construction, agricultural, pharmaceutical, retail trade, mining, hospitality and tourism, and childcare sectors. Ultimately, the authors argue that Australia’s anachronistic, inconsistent, and excessive regulatory landscape is an area of immense potential for growth-enhancing economic reform. Given that Australia is now in its first recession in almost three decades, it appears that measures to reduce business costs and encourage new capital investment should be prioritised by governments now more than ever.

The paper was acknowledged by the Australian this morning and featured on the CIS’ podcast, On Liberty, embedded below.

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