Queensland: Future State report for ANZ

A new report commissioned by ANZ and authored by Adept Economics outlines Queensland’s potential growth given strong fundamentals in agriculture, resources, tourism and construction and its rapid population growth. The state’s economy is projected to grow 31% in a business-as-usual scenario by 2032-33, when the Brisbane Olympics is being held. However, the report outlines how further private sector investment can significantly grow that percentage to 46%. An infographic summarising the report is below. The report is available on the ANZ website. Media coverage of the report has included this In Queensland article which provides a good summary of the key findings: Sunshine powerhouse: The best really is yet to come for Queensland’s economy.

Published on 29 March 2023. Please get in touch with any comments or questions via contact@adepteconomics.com.au or by calling us on 1300 169 870.

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