Queensland Government to fully restore Paradise Dam

On Christmas Eve 2021, it was reported the Queensland Government will fully restore the Paradise Dam near Bundaberg (see the ABC News report Local delight as Queensland government says Paradise Dam to be restored to full capacity). Adept Economics reviewed the economic benefits of Paradise Dam in 2020 for Bundaberg Regional Council and grower groups. Our analysis was used by these organisations in their advocacy for full restoration of the dam.

The Queensland Government’s decision comes after a two-year detailed business case development process. Adept Director Gene Tunny participated in the process via an industry consultation group organised by Sunwater, the state government’s rural water business. 

Previous articles covering Adept’s economic analysis regarding Paradise Dam include:

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Published on 30 December 2021. For further information please get in touch with us via contact@adepteconomics.com.au or call us on 1300 169 870..

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