Free to Grow: Top US economist John Cochrane to speak at CIS with Adept Director Gene Tunny

At an event in Sydney on the evening of Tuesday, 26 September, Adept Economics Director Gene Tunny will interview top US economist Professor John Cochrane of the Hoover Institution on the topic of economic growth. The event is titled Free to Grow: Unlocking Economic Prosperity and will be held at the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) on Macquarie St, Sydney.

The conversation will explore opportunities for boosting economic growth. One area of focus will be the adverse economic impact of the growing regulatory burden. As the blurb for the event notes:

Much regulation protects politically influential businesses, workers, and other constituencies from the disruptions of growth…We have to fix the regulatory structure, to give growth a seat at the table.

The conversation will also explore how economists think about economic growth and the problems with the emerging degrowth movement. These problems include that it is based on unproven assertions, apocalyptic thinking, and would require authoritarian measures to be implemented. Gene has written about the degrowth movement in his latest paper for CIS Debunking Degrowth. Additionally, Gene has co-authored an opinion piece for the Canberra Times with CIS Research Director Simon Cowan.

Expect a robust conversation between Professor Cochrane and Gene and a lively Q&A involving the audience. If you’re interested in the future of Australia’s economy, and can make it to Sydney on 26 September, you should consider attending the event. 

Published on 12 September 2023. This article was prepared by Adept Economics Director Gene Tunny. For further information, please get in touch with us via or by calling us on 1300 169 870.

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