Economics Explained podcast available via iTunes – first episode on infrastructure

Adept Economics Director Gene Tunny has launched a new podcast Economics Explained, now available via the iTunes Store.

The first episode covers the important topic of infrastructure. With the increasing scale of infrastructure mega-projects worldwide, the need for solid, fundamental and accurate economic analysis has grown. How are prospective infrastructure projects to be evaluated and expected to capture value? Are there any significant external costs that should be taken into consideration? Conversely, are there any external benefits that could be exploited? These are questions that need to be taken more seriously as infrastructure inserts itself into new areas of public and private deliberation.

Join Gene and his guest, Lytton Advisory Managing Director Craig Lawrence who has over 20 years’ experience as an infrastructure economist, as they investigate the intricacies of infrastructure in a candid conversation.

The first episode is also available via Simplecast.

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