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Case Study

Economic contribution of sport and outdoor recreation study

Adept Economics has been engaged by the QFSR Skills Alliance to produce a 20-30-page report on the economic (i.e. GSP, FTE employment impacts), social and health impacts (incl. future savings to public health budgets from improved community health) of sport and active recreation in Queensland. For the purposes of this study, the sector is defined to include:

  • fitness industry (e.g. gyms & personal trainers);
  • sport;
  • outdoor recreation; and
  • community recreation.

The report will be informed by desktop research and data analysis (e.g. of ASC, ABS, Tourism Research Australia, and IBISWorld industry data), as well as stakeholder consultations. It will draw on existing economic impact reports such as those by Boston Consulting Group and KPMG. A wide range of economic activities associated with the sector will be analysed, including:

  • ongoing expenditure, economic value added, and FTE employment of sport & recreation activities and related tourism activities; and
  • capital expenditure (e.g. on new sporting facilities) and associated value added and FTE employment.

Indirect economic (value added & FTE jobs) impacts—i.e. via purchases of goods and services the sector makes from other sectors—will also be estimated.

All estimates of impacts will be broken down for the four sub-sectors specified above (i.e. fitness industry, sport, outdoor recreation, community recreation).

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