Decarbonising the Queensland economy seminar, 9 November 21 at HopgoodGanim, Brisbane

Adept Economics Director Gene Tunny will present on Queensland’s decarbonisation challenge at an upcoming seminar at HopgoodGanim, Waterfront Place, Brisbane on Tuesday 9 November 2021. The seminar is being co- hosted by Effective Governance, part of the HopgoodGanim Advisory Group. At the seminar, Cate Jolley, Managing Director of Effective Governance (eG), will also speak about the implications of decarbonisation for boards and board directors.

Decarbonising the economy to respond to climate change is a big challenge for Queensland given the importance of coal mining to the state economy and budget, and also because Queensland remains substantially reliant upon coal-fired power generation. The seminar presentation and following discussion will consider a range of complex issues, including:

  • Which Queensland industries and major companies will be most impacted by decarbonisation?
  • How should company boards be preparing for decarbonisation?
  • What is the future for coal mining and coal-fired power in Queensland and how will regions adapt to future structural change?
  • Will structural adjustment assistance be required for the most-affected regions (e.g. Biloela and Bowen Basin mining communities)?
  • What are the implications for agriculture in Queensland, particularly given cattle are a substantial source of greenhouse gas emission?
  • How rapidly can renewables replace coal-fired power given their implications for the reliability of the electricity network? Will battery technology prove sufficient in conjunction with renewables to ensure reliable and cost-effective power? Or will we need to consider other technologies (e.g. pumped hydro or nuclear)?
  • What are the real prospects for Queensland developing a hydrogen economy?

This event is timely given it will take place during the final week of the global climate change conference, COP 26, in Glasgow (31 October to 12 November). To find out more about the event or to purchase tickets, head to the Eventbrite page.

For any inquiries, please get in touch with the Adept team at or call us on 1300 169 870.

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