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Case Study

Cost-effectiveness of Urban Turf Solutions synthetic turf product in Council applications

Adept Economics has analysed the cost-effectiveness of Urban Turf Solutions synthetic turf products for use in various council applications—e.g. on roundabouts and on roadside batters.

Synthetic turf can be a cost-effective investment for home owners, businesses and local governments. While up-front outlays can be higher than for natural turf, lower maintenance costs mean that synthetic turf can be cost-effective and result in monetary savings over the lifecycle. Also, unlike natural turf in applications where it is not watered, synthetic turf will remain green during drought conditions, maintaining its visual amenity.

Synthetic turf has been widely used in residential and sporting developments for many years, and is increasingly being used by local governments, in applications such as roundabouts and median strips. For example, Gladstone Regional Council has recently used synthetic turf manufactured by Queensland-based Urban Turf Solutions (UTS) on a local roundabout and median strip.

UTS has commissioned Adept Economics (AE) to analyse the relative cost-effectiveness of different landscaping options from a local government perspective. The analysis reveals that, due to savings on maintenance over the lifecycle, the average annual cost of synthetic turf is significantly lower than other landscaping options for the median strip example analysed. For example, a median strip landscaped with synthetic turf can be 15 percent cheaper over the lifecycle than a median strip landscaped with natural turf.

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